stu·di·o (noun):
a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor,
    etc. works.

mc·coy (noun):
father, husband,
essential oil man,
artist, author,
humanitarian, freedom warrior


My name is Keith McCoy, I am the father of 8 and I have been married to my wife Keri for over 20 years.  I currently make my way as an educator on essential oils and their uses and benefits to humankind working as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA International. That endeavor has created a life for me that allows me to create the things I want and to live life fully. In that space I get to be a creator of various works for various reasons with various methods, including my first book release, Choose Different, and the forthcoming, as yet to be named, podcast. Giving back is a guiding principle within my family and much of our time is spent doing as much of that as we can.

My guiding principles center around Freedom and a Warrior Spirit. Freedom is self explanatory, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of time. The word Warrior has many connotations. I prefer the context of Warrior as described by Ethan Nichtern in his book The Road Home

The key to being a warrior is being brave enough to repeatedly look honestly at your own heartmind, to be fearless enough to keep challenging your own negative views of who you are.
— Ethan Nichtern, The Road Home

I am always looking within to improve, to learn and to grow, and searching for tools to sharpen my skills, as all true Warriors do. This website is the platform that allows me to take the things I learn and to share them with others; to empower them to learn and grow as well. Have a look around, hopefully you will find something useful.