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Choose Different, in a seemingly simple, unrelenting, and urgent, but always compassionate manner, asks the reader to examine his or her beliefs and behavior towards personal accountability and their individual narrative; it offers a creative variety of “life tools”; and, repeatedly challenges its readers to choose differently – to constantly strive towards the life they value and desire.

My upbringing was one of dysfunction. I used to live with anger and blame for everyone around me; at some point though I realized I had to look in the mirror. Choose Different is a challenge to those who pick it up to take that same look in the mirror. It is a summary of the philosophy I have developed over time to rise up from negativity and sadness into joy and abundance. We are all exactly where we choose to be, and if that stings, then perhaps you too, need to Choose Different.

...really helped remind me that the work is the little decisions you choose to make each and every day of your life...I found it to be as insightful as any book I have ever read on personal development. Thank you.
I just finished reading your book - CHOOSE DIFFERENT- yessssss. Life. Changing. Well done, sir.


If you'd like to engage your audience in a conversation about owning their choices, radical accountability and how they too can begin to Choose Different, I'd love to speak to your group. Whether it be via video chat, conference call or a live presentation, please feel free to contact me about joining your group or team in any setting. My passion lies in breaking people free from spinning their wheels and finding themselves unable to move forward. All excuses are equal.

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