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RESOLUTE: Purpose Driven Apparel was founded to fill a gap in mens wear; specifically the essential oil using male. Essential Oils are considered to be 'for girls'. And so are all the accessories and apparel that live in that space. Well, I have been using essential oils for over 5 years now, and I certainly am not a girl. So, as Denis Waitley says, there are two conditions in life. To accept things as they are or to accept responsibility for changing them. So out of that axiom RESOLUTE: Purpose Driven Apparel was born.

Nothing exists in a vacuum. So to that end, all the proceeds from RESOLUTE: are donated to Operation Underground Railroad. an organization dedicated to ending child sex trafficking. 

In addition to men's apparel and O.U.R. swag RESOLUTE: is also the home of the Dhyana Baby Ring Sling.